I love my Old Fart Juice (OFJ)



What in the world is Old Fart Juice, or OFJ as I now call it??  Funny story on how OFJ came to be.  First of all, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the word Old Fart, according to macmillandictionary.com, it means “someone who is boring and old fashioned.”

Here’s how OFJ came to be:

I follow a lady online for business related matters named Sandi Krakowski and saw that she was drinking this concoction and that she drinks it three times a day.

I wondered what it was exactly and scrolled down to see all the comments below and what I learned is that she was drinking a hot “tea” of sorts made using organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar, hot water, raw honey and cinnamon.  So, I decided to give it a try. Here’s the link where she shares how to make it: http://www.facebook.com/SandiKrakowskiBiz/posts/314957548554865

Before I made it, though, being that I’m curious, I decided to do a little more research and here’s what I discovered about OFJ ingredients:

1) Benefits of raw honey: contains vitamins, minerals and enzymes, helps fight colds and respiratory infections, aids in healing wounds, acts as an immune booster, effective for respiratory ailments, helps treat sore throats and coughs, supplies energy without spiking insulin like sugar, can be used externally as an antiseptic and internally, it helps fight off parasites and bacteria

2) Benefits of cinnamon- high in nutrients, it helps regulate blood sugar levels, reduces LDL cholesterol levels and when combined with honey it helps relieve arthritis pain, has been shown to help reduce headaches and migraines, helps boost immunity and has antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties that help fight pathogens that cause illness

3) Benefits of raw apple cider vinegar- helps regulate blood pressure, improves bowel irregularity, helps clear up skin blemishes, helps with joint pain and stiffness, acts as an energizer, lowers cholesterol, can be used as a natural remedy for dandruff and acne and also has a alkalizing effect on the body

After trying it out myself, one of my best friends from Texas, Shannon, called me and said she wasn’t feeling well.  So, I suggested she make the “tea” above.  Well, she made it and afterwards, sent me a message saying that she was drinking my Old Fart Juice.  I just laughed!  She said, surely, only old farts must drink this stuff…..gotta love her sense of humor!

Being that I have a sinus cold now and flu season is upon us, I thought this was the perfect time to share the Old Fart Juice recipe.  Whether you have a cold or not, based on all the benefits above, give it a try and post below what you thought :)

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on OFS  (honey, apple cider and cinnamon tea) soon!



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